The Maddest of Bermuda Restaurants!

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ Alice remarked.
Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat. “We’re all mad here…”

Welcome, friends, to Mad Hatters, a humble haven of culinary delight in the city of Hamilton which has earned its sterling reputation as one of the finest Bermuda restaurants. Serving cuisine which can best be described as Classic European with a Thai/North-American fusion, our set menu and daily specials are constantly changing to reflect both seasonal demand and the diversity of our talented chefs.

Serving signature gourmet cuisine in a casual, yet elegant environment, we are one of the only Bermuda restaurants who meticulously balance upscale quality with an unpretentious setting. When you enter our debonair dining room, you’ll notice that the walls are decorated with hats of all shapes, styles and sizes. Go ahead…try one on. Not your style? Try another. We encourage you to find one that suits you whilst you enjoy your meal. Who knows? Perhaps Head Chef Ben Jewett will make an appearance at your table and tell a joke or two…he’s mad as a hatter himself!

So make a reservation or sign up for our mailing list today! We’ll go absolutely mad if you don’t…